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  • WilCity App
WilCity App

Main Features

Customise your app with any combination of our built-in features.

Mobile Application Performance

Making your mobile app work means that you try to provide as soon as possible, the same users can experience whatever the condition of the network becomes: up, down or even slow or inconsitent in speech

React Native Apps

Publish your app to Apple App Store and Google Play Store using our easy publishing wizard with just a few clicks.

Geo Listings

List your listings by location, allowing app users to search for those closest to them.

Why should you choose Wilcity?

We are one of the first teams developing Apps and theme in 1 project that explains 2 things: Our technical skills and the enthusiasm we spend on it. Morever, because we develop the Apps and the theme by ourselves, we can easily to scale, maintain and add more and more features to the Wilcity in the future

Build your mobile apps in less time

WilCity App

App Hero Settings

Easily build hero section with King Composer - Drag Drop Page Builder - right on your website
WilCity App

App Directory Type Block Settings: Popular Rated

Add unlimited Directory Type Block to your App, Easily customize Listing Order By, Specify Maximum Listings per block.
WilCity App

App Term Boxes Settings

Insert Listing Locations and Listing Categories block to your app by using App Term Boxes shortcode.
WilCity App

App Events Settings

The same web version, you can easily add Event shortcode to App Home screen by using King Composer - Drag Drop Page Builder.
WilCity App

Bottom Tab Navigator Settings

Easily build your Tab Navigator with Wiloke Tools, Drag drop to re-order Menu item, you can also customize Menu Icon yourself.
WilCity App

Secondary Navigator

We also support Secondary Navigator menu. When customer clicks on More menu item on Bottom Tab Navigator, this menu will be appeared. Similar to Bottom Tab Navigator, you can easily add a Menu item to the Secondary Navigator and use Drag & Drop to re-order Menu Item position
WilCity App

Search Form Settings

Wilcity App Search Form will inherit your Web Search Form setting. Which means all Search Form items that you put on the Web version will be displayed on the App version ;).


WilCity App Elements

Meet the main features in WilCity App

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Excellent, I am looking for a long term work together. About the Theme my rating is 10 stars. I will hope to continue working with him.
Rachel Wagner


I have tried many other directory themes and none have everything I want for my directory...until I tried this theme. Has everything I want and no need of trying to make all types of different plugins work together and spend a ton of money! Keep up the good work Wiloke!
Bruce Powell


I really like the theme is awesome and fully customizable ...and the support is fantastic. I bought the theme last week and every day I leave a message to the support theme and always I have an answer, a helpful answer! Thanks guys
Daniel Ramirez


Very pleased to have this script for my website very well thought out. I have similar directory scripts from the other developers I have to say this is the most friendly for the administrator especially for the user it is straightforward is that they needs. One thing I like the script is constantly updated. Thank you keep up work :) Cheers Bancha
Helen Lane


I don't know much about computer code or computers for that matter! With this program I have been able to easily create a service directory. During my journey of creating my website, I have encountered a few quires and needed help in order to get my website looking perfect. The customer service department have been outstanding in helping and guiding me into creating this website. This is a must buy product for anyone wanting to create a service directory
Brandon Hanson